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Research Interests for Wesley A. Kort

Research Interests:

Religion and Modern Culture; Religious and Literary Studies

Recent Publications
  1. Kort, WA, Scripture as ground and idea, in Refractions of the Scriptural: Critical Orientation as Transgression (March, 2016), pp. 27-33, Routledge, ISBN 9781138643666 [doi]
  2. Kort, WA, C. S. Lewis: A Commentary (2016), Oxford University Press
  3. Shelly, B, Shelly and Scripture: The Interpreting Angel, Journal of the American Academy of Religion, vol. LXIV (February, 2014), pp. 710-712
  4. Mueller, WR, The Prophetic Voice in Modern Fiction, Una Sancta (February, 2014), pp. 120-122
  5. Kort, W, Doing "Religion and Literature" in a Postmodernist Mode, Christianity and Literature, vol. 39 no. 2 (Winter, 2013), pp. 193-198

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