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Cristina Carnemolla,

Cristina Carnemolla

Cristina Carnemolla is a Ph.D. candidate in the Romance Studies Department at Duke University. Her research focuses on creating a genealogy of Southern thoughts and practices from the 19th century onward. Her dissertation project, entitled “From the ‘Southern Question’ to the ‘Southern Thought’: South as a Method”, attempts at bridging the gap between literary studies, postcolonial theory with Global South studies, by focusing on literary and cultural production in Spain, Italy, and Latin America at the turn of the 19th century. Her primary research question is how the South as a geopolitical concept intersects with gender, race, and class and permeates the constitution of the self in such disparate locations. 

After completing her B.A. in Comparative Studies at the Università degli studi di Catania (Italy), she earned two M.A.: one in Foreign Languages and Literature at the Università degli studi di Catania (2015), and another in Romance Languages at the University of Oregon (2017).Since beginning graduate school at Duke, she has taught in both Italian and Spanish. 

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