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  1. Fellin, L. "Observe, document, reflect, elaborate Language learning through ethnographic observation and collaborative projects." Intralinea 20 (January, 2018).

    This paper illustrates a multi-phase Italian L2 learning module that implements a student centered reflective pedagogy based on collaborative and experiential learning. Students explore ordinary sites and practices outside of the classroom, approaching the task with specific roles to observe, document, reflect, and elaborate. Through scaffolded activities students come together to collaboratively elaborate a final product that synthesizes their learning experience. In this way, the classroom becomes a hub where students plan, negotiate and refine their learning products based on real life experiences. Finally, reflective pedagogy, which fosters student awareness of their own social, cultural and learning selves, coupled with the tools of ethnography, guide students to explore other cultures and worldviews, and push them to actively engage in their own language learning process.