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  1. Reisinger, DS; Clifford, J. "Community-based language learning as a transformative practice: An exploration of the modes of communication." Foreign Language Annals 55:3 (September, 2022): 668-683. [doi]

    This study explores transformative learning (TL) in community-based language learning experiences. The fall 2019 study, conducted with 25 undergraduate students enrolled in two advanced language courses with a service-learning component, was designed to identify if TL is occurring, which classroom and community-based activities lead to TL, and specifically, which modes of communication are associated with changes in students' beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions. Faculty administered pre- and post-semester surveys on changes in students' values, beliefs, and opinions, as adapted from King's (2009) Learning Activities Survey. Survey results indicate that a majority of students experienced a moment of TL during the course, which was triggered by a combination of community interactions and course content. Students cited interpersonal speaking, interpretive listening, and interpersonal writing in the target language as high-impact practices; presentational writing and presentational speaking garnered few responses. Findings indicate that students perceive reflection activities involving interpersonal speaking and writing in the L2 as most supportive of TL.