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  Research Interests:

His areas of interest include: Second language acquisition, second Language instruction and assessment, language-learning technologies, teacher training, Spanish variation, language in contact and bilingualism, Spanish in the USA, Spanish for Heritage Speakers, cultural studies, service-Learning pedagogy, etc. His present research focuses on testing, vocabulary acquisition, the influence of technology in the process of writing for language learners in the 21rst century, and also the perceptions and impact of peer-feedback in second language teaching and learning.

Recent Papers, Books and Preprints
  1. Merschel, LM; Clifford, J; Munné, J, Surveying the Landscape: What is the Role of Machine Translation in Language Learning?, @Tic Revista D’Innovació Educativa no. 10 (2013) [abs].
  2. Munné, J; Paredes, L, Gente: Nivel Intermedio (2012), Pearson [product[abs].