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  1. Navarro Roncero, LJ. "Mitos de la lengua que afectan al aprendizaje del espaƱol como lengua extranjera."  Ed. Bartol, E; Chamanadjian, L. Montreal University, September, 2015. [Actas_del_Coloquio_Internacional_sobre_la_Ense%C3%B1anza_de_Espa%C3%B1ol_como_Lengua_Extranjera_en_Quebec_IV_No_19_2012_]

    Blind spots exist in the general linguistic knowledge and it was necessary to examine in order to observe and think over them, in this case, focused in the process of teaching-learning Spanish. Some myths were affecting motivation of the student, his speed of acquisition and, on the other hand, also the taking of decisions at the moment of designing activities or editing manuals by teachers and authors. Among the list of fallacies on the language in this conference developed, are related those concerning to the learning and the acquisition of the Spanish as the second language or foreign language, as follows: there are languages more difficult than others; it is easier to learn another language being children and the best Spanish variety is that of Colombia. These and the rest of topics that form The Myths of the Language must be taken into account at the moment of describing, explaining, teaching or learning Spanish.