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  1. Martin De La Nuez, T. "Dystopian Insular Narrative and the Anthropocene Discourse." Islands Studies Journal, 17(1):May 2022 (May, 2022).

    62 miles from the coast of Morocco, The Canary Island hold the title of Outermost Region of the European Union (OMR), a controversial condition based on their remoteness, insularity and dependence of the “Madre Patria,” Spain. Today, the political, economic and social status beard by the Canaries are in part the consequence of what Rob Nixon has called “slow violence” (2011). This paper examines the ways in which the Spanish colonial legacy on the Canary Islands is allegorized in the novel Anturios en el salon (2016)* a dystopian novel by Juan R. Tramunt (1955) which action occurs in a deserted island of Gran Canaria after a would-be nuclear disaster. In turning to the postcolonial archipelago of the Canary Islands, and from the rise of nuclear militarism as a marker of the Anthropocene (DeLoughrey 2019), I engage with a peripheral geographic space, and its legacy of transatlantic violence, to explore the seeming paradox between the fragility of insular “paradises” and their crucial role as the epicenter of environmental change.