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Isabel Bradley,

Isabel Bradley

I am currently a 4th year PhD candidate in Romance Studies. My research at Duke centers Caribbean epistemologies and cultural production and their emergence within ecologies such as subsistence plots, plantation monocultures, and oceans. I am interested in how situated ecological knowledge and its ties to Afro- and Indigenous cosmologies can generate lines of flight and futures beyond the Plantationocene present. I am drawn to intersections of critical cartography, archival traces, material culture, embodied knowledges, the beyond-human ecological, and decolonial praxes. 

Grounded in French-language natural historical texts, visual and cartographic materials, and Caribbean literatures, my dissertation project traces the role of the manioc plant in sustaining relational, counter-plantation modes of being human from the 16th-century to the present.

I have BAs in Anthropology and French from Indiana University. At Duke, I have taught French 101, 102, and 203.

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Teaching (Fall 2022):

    East Duke 204A, TuTh 03:30 PM-04:45 PM

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