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Publications [#318872] of Beth Holmgren

Papers Published

  1. Holmgren, B. "Public women, parochial stage: The actress in late nineteenth-century Poland." Poles Apart: Women in Modern Polish Culture (January, 2006): 11-35.
    (last updated on 2021/11/27)

    In 1893 I was invited by the Committee of the World's Fair Auxiliary Women's Congress, in Chicago, to take part in the theatrical section of the Congress and to say something about "Woman on the Stage".... It may be remembered that one of the features of the Congress was a series of national women's delegations, each of them describing the position of women in their country. Among others, there was expected a delegation of ladies from Russian Poland, but none of them came to Chicago. Apparently they were afraid of the possible conflict with their government, and they limited their activity to sending a few statistical notes-ah! Most poor, bashful notes!

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