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Research Interests for Joanne Van Tuyl

Research Interests: Technology in Russian-Language Classroom; African American & Russian Studies; 19th Century Russian Literature, Russian Language, Comparative Literature

Russian, USSR, Language, Comparative, Literature, African-American, Technology, Second language acquisition, Foreign language
Current projects:
African-Americans and Russia/USSR
Soviet film on American race relations
Audio, video and digital technology in Russian Language Classroom
Areas of Interest:

Russian studies
Russian language
Multimedia Technology in Foreign Language Classroom
African-American studies

Recent Publications
  1. Dale Peterson, Up from Bondage: the Literatures of Russian and African American Soul, Canadian Slavonic Papers, vol. 44 no. 3-4 (September, 2002), pp. 315-16, Canadian Slavonic Papers
  2. S mesta v kar'er: Leaping Into Russian. Supplementary Taped Exercises (1995), Newburyport, Mass: Focus Press
  3. S mesta v kar'er: Leaping Into Russian. Handbook to Supplementary Taped Exercises (1995), Newburyport, Mass.: Focus Press
  4. with Andrews, Edna, Dolgova, Irina, Flath, Carol & Maksimova, Elena, S mesta v kar'er: Leaping Into Russian. A Systematic Introduction to Contemporary Russian Grammar (1994), Newburyport, Mass.: Focus Press

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