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Anderson Hagler,

Anderson Hagler

My scholarship examines how subaltern vassals negotiated state-led attempts to impose orthodoxy. My most recent project analyzes how magic and deviant sexuality intersected with one another to shape notions of race and class during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in New Spain.

My article, "Exhuming the Nahualli: Shapeshifting, Idolatry, and Orthodoxy in Colonial Mexico," is forthcoming in The Americas: A Quarterly Review of Latin American History (April 2021).

My first article, "Archival Epistemology: Honor, Sodomy, and Indians in Eighteenth-Century New Mexico" was published in Ethnohistory in July 2019.

A complete list of my publications can be found on my website.

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Web Page:  http://www.andersonhagler.com

Recent Publications

  1. Hagler, A, Archival Epistemology: Honor, Sodomy, and Indians in Eighteenth-Century New Mexico, Ethnohistory, vol. 66 no. 3 (July, 2019), pp. 515-535, Duke University Press [doi]  [abs]

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