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Research Interests for Adriane D. Lentz-Smith

Research Interests: United States History, African American History, African Americans and the World

My interests lie in African American history and the history of the US & the World. My 2009 book, Freedom Struggles: African Americans and World War I, looks at the black freedom struggle in the World War I years, with a particular focus on manhood, citizenship claims, and the international experience. My recent research explores how African Americans engaged the world in the age of Cold War civil rights, and how their participation in US state and empire set the horizons of their freedom struggles.

Representative Publications   (search)
  1. Lentz-Smith, A, Freedom Struggles: African Americans & World War I (2009), Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass [catalog.php]
  2. Lentz-Smith, A, Reid’s Obama Blunder and What it Means, History News Network (January, 2010) [html]

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