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Research Interests for Joseph Shatzmiller

Research Interests:

Dr. Shatzmiller is the author of Shylock Reconsidered: Jews, Moneylending and Medieval Society and a more recent volume on Jews, Medicine, and Medieval Society, along with numerous essays on European Jewry in the Middle Ages. He has been elected a Fellow of the American Academy for Jewish Research, and he has taught Jewish history at the University of Haifa and the University of Toronto.

Recent Publications
  1. Les 'Miquevaot' juives au Moyen Age, in Medievales (Submitted, 2003)
  2. Joseph Shatzmiller,, Community and Super Community in Medieval Europe, The Jews of Medieval Europe, Trier (2003)
  3. Joseph Shatzmiller,, Responsabilite et irresponsabilite medicale au moyen-age, Collogue De Salerne (2002)
  4. with Azar, H; Mcvaugh, M; Joseph Shatzmiller,, Kon Zuhr (Avenzoar)'s Description of a verrucous Malignancy of the colon, Canadian Bulletin of Medical History, vol. 19 (2002), pp. 1-10 (with English translation from the Arabic and notes on its Hebrew and Latin version.)
  5. Public Finances According to Hebrew Documents of the Middles Ages, in L'Impot dans les villes de ;'OCcident mediterraneen, XIII-XV siecle (Submitted, 2001), Paris

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