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Research Interests for Katharine B. Dubois

Research Interests: Saints, sanctity, pilgrimage, penance, Christian religious belief and ritual, gender, charity. Geographical interests: Rome, western Mediterranean.

My research interests include religious belief and practice in late-medieval Latin Christendom, especially penance, pilgrimage, penitential devotion, saints' cults, and relics. My book, Pilgrimage and Pilgrims in Late-Medieval Rome (Ashgate Press, forthcoming), traces the early history of the Roman Jubilee, a year-long celebration of penitential pilgrimage to the city's most ancient shrines. I'm particularly interested in fourteenth and fifteenth-century notions of charity, charitable institutions, and the understanding of spiritual community that bound the living and the dead.

medieval, religion, saints, penance, pilgrimage, charity, gender, violence
Current projects:
Pilgrimage to Rome
penance and penitential devotion
violence and religious justifications for war
Areas of Interest:

History of religion, gender and sexuality in the Middle Ages
Social, political and cultural history of the British Empire

Recent Publications
  1. Ashe, K, The Prince A Devil's Duke Novel (May, 2018), pp. 432 pages, Avon, ISBN 0062641743 [abs]
  2. Ashe, K, Border Crossings: The Art of Mixing Genres (September, 2017)
  3. Ashe, K, The Rogue A Devil's Duke Novel (February, 2016), pp. 384 pages, Avon, ISBN 0062412736 [abs]
  4. Ashe, K, Again, My Lord (September, 2015), pp. 342 pages, ISBN 099164123X [abs]
  5. Ashe, K, I Loved a Rogue The Prince Catchers (February, 2015), pp. 384 pages, Avon, ISBN 0062229850 [abs]

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