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Former Ph.D. Students of Kent J. Rigsby

  • Olsen, Barbara (2004)
    Women in the Linear B Tablets of Pylos and Knossos: Gender Construction and Cultural Difference
  • Renberg, Gil (2003)
    “Commanded by the Gods”: An Epigraphical Study of Dreams and Visions in Greek and Roman Religious Life
  • Sosin, Joshua (2000)
    Perpetual Endowments in the Hellenistic World
  • Purvis, Andrea (1998)
    Founders and Innovators of Private Cults in Classical Greece
  • Francis, James (1991)
    Asceticism and Authority in the Roman Empire: Society, Culture, and Deviance in the Second Century C.E.
  • Trout, Dennis (1989)
    Secular Renunciation and Social Action: Paulinus of Nola and Late Roman Society
  • Hodlofski, Leo (1987)
    Character and Nomos in Thucydides’ Mytilene Debate and Antiphon’s On Truth
  • Pumphrey, Carolyn (1985)
    Promoting a Saint: Studies in the Patronage of Cults in Gaul, V–VII ad Med.
  • Brafman, David (1985)
    The Arabic De Mundo: An Edition with Translation and Commentary
  • Cox, Cheryl (1983)
    The Social and Political Ramifications of Athenian Marriages ca. 600–400 B.C.
  • Nerwinski, Lucian (1981)
    The Foundation Date of the Panhellenic Ptolemaea and Related Problems in Early Ptolemaic Chronology
  • Taylor, James (1979)
    Seleucid Rule in Palestine

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