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Research Interests for Reeve Huston

Research Interests:

My research focuses on the emergence of two-party democracy in the United States--a process that took place between the 1790s and the 1840s. My current book project examines the origins of Jacksonian democracy. I also think and write about social and political conflicts over the distribution of land in North America during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

Areas of Interest:

American political history
American rural history
American social history
American labor history
American reform movements
Early American republic
Antebellum U.S.

Recent Publications
  1. Huston, R, Origins of Jacksonian Democracy: American Political Practices,, 1812-1840 (2016)
  2. Huston, R, Capitalism at the Center and on the Margins, Reviews in American History, vol. 44 no. 4 (2016), pp. 569-574, Johns Hopkins University Press [doi]
  3. Huston, R, Land Conflict and Land Policy in the United States, 1785-1841, in The World of the American Revolutionary Republic: Land, Labor, and the Conflict for a Continent, edited by Shankman, A (Submitted, March 27, 2014), Routledge
  4. Huston, R, Rethinking 1828: The Emergence of Competing Democracies in the United States, in Contested Democracy: Participation and Contestation in the English-speaking World, edited by Avril, E; Neem, J (Submitted, 2014), Routledge
  5. Huston, R, Rethinking the Origins of Partisan Democracy in the United States, 1795-1840, in Practicing Democracy: Popular Politics in the United States from the Constitution to the Civil War, edited by Smith, AIP; Peart, D (Submitted, 2014), forthcoming, University Press of Virginia

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