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Former Ph.D. Students of Mary T. Boatwright

  • Meyer, Alexander W. (2009 - 2012)
    “The Creation, Composition, Service and Settlement of Auxiliary Units Raised on the Iberian Peninsula”
    Assistant Professor, University of Western Ontario
  • Huelsenbeck, Bart (2009)
    Figures in the Shadows: Identities in Artistic Prose from the Anthology of the Elder Seneca
    Assistant Professor, Ball State University
  • Muntz, Charles E. (2008)
    Diodorus Siculus, Egypt, and Rome
    Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas
  • Pryzwansky, Molly M. (2008)
    Feminine Imperial Ideals in the Caesares of Suetonius
    Lecturer, NCSU UHP Honors Seminar Program
  • Chmielewski, Jill (2002)
    Portrayals of Daily Life on the Funerary Monuments of Roman Gaul and Germany
  • Adler, Eric (2002)
    The ‘Enemy’ Speaks: Oratory and Criticism of Empire in Roman Historiography
    Associate Professor, University of Maryland at College Park
  • Uzzi, Jeannine (1998)
    The Representation of Children in Public Art of Roman Empire, from Augustus to Constantine
    Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of Southern Maine
  • Phillips, Darryl (1994)
    Voting During the Principate of Augustus
    Associate Professor, Connecticut College

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