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Emily Gebhardt,

Emily Gebhardt

My current research focuses on the dynamics between high and late-medieval governance, usurpation, political thought, gender, and religion in England. Most recently, I detected discursive political rhetoric in a rare fifteenth-century devotional manuscript. I also enjoy studying medieval constructs of selfhood and identity in connection to the formation of law-codes.


MA in Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Columbia University in the City of New York

MA in European History 
Southern Connecticut State University

BA in History                                                                                                     
BA in Communications
Fordham College at Lincoln Center

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Archaeology, Medieval • Armor, Medieval • Calligraphy, Medieval • Ethics, Medieval • Fiction, Medieval • Fonts, Medieval • History, Medieval • Literature, Medieval • Manuscripts, Latin (Medieval and modern) • Marriage customs and rites, Medieval • Medieval • Military history, Medieval • Philosophy, Medieval • Sarcophagi, Medieval

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