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Jessica Hauger,

Jessica Hauger

I study the intersection of race, space, and health in United States history. Working under the supervision of Professor Margaret Humphreys, my current research looks to expand understandings of colonial medicine through a history of government healthcare on the Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache Reservation in what is now Oklahoma (c. 1870-1930). This project considers the spatially transformative work of colonization through public health and hygiene campaigns. My research and teaching agendas are also informed by an interest in local and place-based histories, centered around the conviction that these forms of analysis help us to understand the role of history in our everyday lives.

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Environmental conditions • Environmental Health • History of Medicine • Indians of North America--History • Indians of North America--West (U.S.)--History--19th century • Kiowa Indians--Missions • Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache Indian Reservation (Okla.) • Obstetrics • Oklahoma--History • Public health--History • Traditional medicine

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