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Hans J. Hillerbrand, Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies and Religious Studies

Hans J. Hillerbrand

Interplay of religion and society, espeically in early modern Europe

Contact Info:
Office Location:  326 Gray Bldg, Durham, NC 27708
Email Address: send me a message
Web Page:  http://www.duke.edu/religion/home/hillerbrand.html


LL.D. (hon.causa)Montclair State University1981

Research Interests: History, Reformation, 16th Century

Current projects: Christian Antisemitism, History of the Reformation, A Social History of Christianity

Interplay of religion and society, espeically in early modern Europe


Politics and Religion in 18th century Germany

Recent Publications   (More Publications)

  1. H.J. Hillerbrand, Des Antichrists wundersame Reise, in Der Antichrist - Historische und systematische Zugänge (2012), Kohlhammer, Stuttgart, 2011, ISBN 3170215507
  2. H.J. Hillerbrand, "Christ has nothing to do with politics": Martin Luther and the societal Order, Seminary Ridge Review, 13 no 2 Spr 2011, p 9-24 (2012)  [author's comments]
  3. H.J. Hillerbrand, Musings and reflections, Church History, 80 no 2 Je 2011, p 354-359. (2012)
  4. Hillerbrand, HJ, The Decline and Fall of the True Church: The English Deist View, Zeitschrift F. Religions Und Geistesgeschichte, vol. 60 no. 1 (April, 2008), pp. 97-110  [abs]
  5. H.J. Hillerbrand, Christianiity: The Illustrated History, edited by Hans J Hillerbrand (2008), pp. 256, Duncan Baird, London, ISBN 978-1-84483-717-5  [abs] [author's comments]

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