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Research Interests for Hans J. Hillerbrand

Research Interests: History, Reformation, 16th Century

Interplay of religion and society, espeically in early modern Europe

Politics and Religion in 18th century Germany
Current projects:
Christian Antisemitism
History of the Reformation
A Social History of Christianity
Recent Publications
  1. H.J. Hillerbrand, Des Antichrists wundersame Reise, in Der Antichrist - Historische und systematische Zugänge (2012), Kohlhammer, Stuttgart, 2011, ISBN 3170215507
  2. H.J. Hillerbrand, "Christ has nothing to do with politics": Martin Luther and the societal Order, Seminary Ridge Review, 13 no 2 Spr 2011, p 9-24 (2012) [author's comments]
  3. H.J. Hillerbrand, Musings and reflections, Church History, 80 no 2 Je 2011, p 354-359. (2012)
  4. Hillerbrand, HJ, The Decline and Fall of the True Church: The English Deist View, Zeitschrift F. Religions Und Geistesgeschichte, vol. 60 no. 1 (April, 2008), pp. 97-110 [abs]
  5. H.J. Hillerbrand, Christianiity: The Illustrated History, edited by Hans J Hillerbrand (2008), pp. 256, Duncan Baird, London, ISBN 978-1-84483-717-5 [abs] [author's comments]

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