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Katherine L. Castles,

Please note: Katherine has left the "History" group at Duke University; some info here might not be up to date.

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Research Interests: 20th Century United States


disability • mental retardation • mental illness • psychiatry • social welfare

Recent Publications

  1. Katherine .L. Castles, 'Nice, Average Americans': Postwar Parents' Groups and the Defense of the Normal Family, in Mental Retardation in America: A Historical Reader, edited by Steven Noll and James W. Trent (2004), New York University Press
  2. Katherine L. Castles, Quiet Eugenics: Sterilization in North Carolina's Institutions for the Mentally Retarded, 1945-1965, Journal of Southern History, vol. 68 no. 4 (November 2002), pp. 849-878

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