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Research Interests for Sarah J. Deutsch

Research Interests: History of the U.S. West, 1898-1942

My work engages issues of difference, particularly racial, gender, class, and spatial formations. My current book project is “Making a Modern U.S. West, 1898-1942.” I have written three other books, Women and the City: Gender, Space and Power in Boston, 1870-1940 (2000); From Ballots to Breadlines: American Women, 1920-1940 (1994); and No Separate Refuge: Culture, Class, and Gender on an Anglo-Hispanic Frontier in the American Southwest, 1880-1940 (1987).

Representative Publications
  1. Deutsch, S, Women and the City: Gender, Space, and Power in Boston, 1870-1940 (2000), Oxford University Press [abs]
  2. Deutsch, S, From Ballots to Breadlines, in No Small Courage: A History of Women in the United States, edited by Cott, NF (2000), Oxford University Press [abs]
  3. Deutsch, S, excerpt from No Separate Refuge, in Major Problems in the History of American Families and Children, edited by Jabour, A (2004), Houghton Mifflin
  4. Deutsch, S, Labor, Land, and Protest since Statehood, in Telling New Mexico: A New History, edited by Weigle, M (2009), pp. 269-284, Museum of New Mexico Press [abs]
  5. Deutsch, S, "Being American in Boley, Oklahoma", in Beyond Black and White: Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in the United States South and Southwest, edited by Cole, S; Parker, AM, vol. 35 (2004), pp. 97-122 (introduction by Nancy A. Hewitt.) [abs]
  6. Deutsch, S, The Politics of Race and Sex in Boston’s NAACP, 1920-1940, in Boston’s Histories: Essays in Honor of Thomas H. O’Connor, edited by Toole, JO; Quigley, D (2004), pp. 191-213, Northeastern University Press [abs]
  7. Deutsch, S, Connections, in Chicana Leadership: The Frontiers Reader (2002) [abs]
  8. Deutsch, S, excerpts, in Women’s America, 4th (2002) (This excerpt from No Separate Refuge (1987) was reprinted in the Japanese translation of Women's America in 2002..)

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