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Publications [#354056] of Demetre P Kazaras

Papers Accepted

  1. D. Kazaras, D. Ruberman and N. Saveliev, On positive scalar curvature cobordisms and the conformal Laplacian on end-periodic manifolds, Communications in Analysis and Geometry, vol. to appear, accepted 2019 (2020)
    (last updated on 2020/12/18)

    We show that the periodic η-invariants introduced by Mrowka--Ruberman--Saveliev~\cite{MRS3} provide obstructions to the existence of cobordisms with positive scalar curvature metrics between manifolds of dimensions 4 and 6. The proof combines a relative version of the Schoen--Yau minimal surface technique with an end-periodic index theorem for the Dirac operator. As a result, we show that the bordism groups Ω^{spin,+}_{n+1}(S1×BG) are infinite for any non-trivial group G which is the fundamental group of a spin spherical space form of dimension n=3 or 5.
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