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Publications [#354059] of Demetre P Kazaras

Papers Submitted

  1. Hubert L. Bray, Demetre P. Kazaras, Marcus A. Khuri, Daniel L. Stern, Harmonic Functions and The Mass of 3-Dimensional Asymptotically Flat Riemannian Manifolds (2020)
    (last updated on 2020/12/18)

    An explicit lower bound for the mass of an asymptotically flat Riemannian 3-manifold is given in terms of linear growth harmonic functions and scalar curvature. As a consequence, a new proof of the positive mass theorem is achieved in dimension three. The proof has parallels with both the Schoen-Yau minimal hypersurface technique and Witten's spinorial approach. In particular, the role of harmonic spinors and the Lichnerowicz formula in Witten's argument is replaced by that of harmonic functions and a formula introduced by the fourth named author in recent work, while the level sets of harmonic functions take on a role similar to that of the Schoen-Yau minimal hypersurfaces.
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