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Publications [#258039] of David B. Dunson


Papers Published

  1. Wang, L; Dunson, DB, Semiparametric Bayes multiple testing: Applications to tumor data, Biometrics, vol. 66 no. 2 (2010), pp. 493-501, ISSN 0006-341X [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/05/22)

    In National Toxicology Program (NTP) studies, investigators want to assess whether a test agent is carcinogenic overall and specific to certain tumor types, while estimating the dose-response profiles. Because there are potentially correlations among the tumors, a joint inference is preferred to separate univariate analyses for each tumor type. In this regard, we propose a random effect logistic model with a matrix of coefficients representing log-odds ratios for the adjacent dose groups for tumors at different sites. We propose appropriate nonparametric priors for these coefficients to characterize the correlations and to allow borrowing of information across different dose groups and tumor types. Global and local hypotheses can be easily evaluated by summarizing the output of a single Monte Carlo Markov chain (MCMC). Two multiple testing procedures are applied for testing local hypotheses based on the posterior probabilities of local alternatives. Simulation studies are conducted and an NTP tumor data set is analyzed illustrating the proposed approach. © 2009, The International Biometric Society.
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