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Publications [#287418] of John A. Trangenstein

Papers Published

  1. Trangenstein, JA, Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Wave Propagation in Nonlinear Solids, Siam Journal on Scientific Computing, vol. 16 no. 4 (July, 1995), pp. 819-839, Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics (SIAM), ISSN 1064-8275 [Gateway.cgi], [doi]
    (last updated on 2021/10/21)

    The adaptive mesh refinement algorithm for unsteady gas dynamics is extended to nonlinear solids. Several modifications to the original algorithm are forced by the dissimilarities in the forms of the gas and solid equations of state. The variety of forms of the solid constitutive laws motivates the development of several abstractions that are implemented through object-oriented programming. Examples of the performance of the scheme are provided by two numerical examples

    equations of state;finite difference methods;fluid dynamics;wave propagation;
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