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Publications [#355297] of Maria-Veronica Ciocanel

Papers Published

  1. Mallory, K; Rubin Abrams, J; Schwartz, A; Ciocanel, M-V; Volkening, A; Sandstede, B, Influenza spread on context-specific networks lifted from interaction-based diary data., Royal Society Open Science, vol. 8 no. 1 (January, 2021), pp. 191876, The Royal Society [doi]
    (last updated on 2021/11/27)

    Studying the spread of infections is an important tool in limiting or preventing future outbreaks. A first step in understanding disease dynamics is constructing networks that reproduce features of real-world interactions. In this paper, we generate networks that maintain some features of the partial interaction networks that were recorded in an existing diary-based survey at the University of Warwick. To preserve realistic structure in our artificial networks, we use a context-specific approach. In particular, we propose different algorithms for producing larger home, work and social networks. Our networks are able to maintain much of the interaction structure in the original diary-based survey and provide a means of accounting for the interactions of survey participants with non-participants. Simulating a discrete susceptible-infected-recovered model on the full network produces epidemic behaviour which shares characteristics with previous influenza seasons. Our approach allows us to explore how disease transmission and dynamic responses to infection differ depending on interaction context. We find that, while social interactions may be the first to be reduced after influenza infection, limiting work and school encounters may be significantly more effective in controlling the overall severity of the epidemic.
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