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Elizabeth A Pascoe, Graduate Student    Edit

Elizabeth A Pascoe

Research Summary:

Research Interests

My research focuses on discrimination and stereotyping. Specifically, I am interested in the effects of these experiences on the health and/or achievement outcomes of individuals with devalued identities. My current research addresses the potential mediating role of self-control in the relationship between perceived discrimination and engagement in unhealthy behaviors, which, compounded over time, may lead to more severe health problems. My past research has examined physiological responses to stress and the process of stereotype threat.

Teaching and Mentoring

I have also had the opportunity to serve as an instructor and teaching assistant for courses such as Introduction to Psychology, Social Psychology, Personality and Social Behavior, Cognitive Psychology, and Research Methods. I feel comfortable with the prospect of teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses in these areas, as well as other seminars related to social psychology and/or my research interests. In addition, I have had the opportunity to supervise and mentor undergraduate students not only within my own projects but also in support of their own independent research interests. These teaching and mentoring experiences have been particularly rewarding.

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