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Publications [#250605] of Steven R. Asher

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Journal Articles

  1. Guerra, VS; Asher, SR; DeRosier, ME (2004). Effect of children’s perceived rejection on physical aggression. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 32(5), 551-563. [15500033], [doi]
    (last updated on 2020/08/15)

    This study investigated whether the perception of self as socially rejected might contribute to increased physical aggression among elementary-school children. It was hypothesized that physically aggressive children would become more physically aggressive over time if they perceived that they were rejected and tended to blame peers for social failure experiences. Third-grade boys and girls (n = 941) were assessed in the Fall and Spring of the school year. Peer-report data on physical aggression and social preference were collected, along with self-report data on perceived rejection and attributions for social failure experiences. Results for boys were consistent with hypotheses, whereas the results for girls revealed a different pattern of relations. These results constitute prospective evidence that children's self-perceptions of social rejection can uniquely influence externalizing behavior. Results are discussed in terms of mechanisms that might mediate the relation between perceived rejection and physical aggression.

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