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Publications [#291338] of Blair H. Sheppard

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Journal Articles

  1. Sheppard, BH; Lewicki, RJ (1987). Toward general principles of managerial fairness. Social Justice Research, 1(2), 161-176. [doi]
    (last updated on 2022/10/07)

    The present study identified the principles employees use for judging a broad range of managerial actions. A cross-sectional sample of 44 executives were asked to describe recent fair and unfair treatment in seven areas of management responsibility: planning, staff development, delegating, motivating, coordinating, daily activities, and representing the organization to the public. These responses were coded to yield 16 rules guiding judgments about perceived managerial fairness. Aggregation of these rules yielded six major clusters of fairness concerns. The paper describes these clusters in detail and highlights their potential usefulness to a broader understanding of the complex nature of procedural fairness judgments in organizations. © 1987 Plenum Publishing Corporation.

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