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Publications [#291343] of Blair H. Sheppard

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Journal Articles

  1. Sheppard, BH; Sherman, DM (1998). The grammars of trust: A model and general implications. Academy of Management Review, 23(3), 422-437. [doi]
    (last updated on 2022/08/14)

    In this article we contend that trust can be conceptualized as four distinct and ordered forms - shallow dependence, shallow interdependence, deep dependence, and deep interdependence - determined by the nature of the interdependence between trusting parties. We argue that both the risks that trusting parties assume and the mechanisms for mitigating those risks emerge as a function of the form of interdependence in the relationship. By reviewing research in which trust is a central component, we illustrate the elements of this model and examine its implications.

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