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Publications [#251070] of Roberto Cabeza

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Journal Articles

  1. Prince, SE; Tsukiura, T; Cabeza, R (2007). Distinguishing the neural correlates of episodic memory encoding and semantic memory retrieval.. Psychological Science, 18(2), 144-151. [17425535], [doi]
    (last updated on 2022/06/28)

    Episodic memory and semantic memory interact very closely. In particular, episodic memory encoding (EE) tends to elicit semantic memory retrieval (SR), and vice versa. Thus, similar activations for EE and SR in functional neuroimaging studies may reflect shared memory processes, or they may reflect the fact that EE and SR are usually confounded. To address this issue, we used a factorial functional magnetic resonance imaging approach to disentangle the neural correlates of EE and SR. Within the left temporal lobe, the hippocampus was associated with successful EE, whereas a posterior lateral region was associated with successful SR. Within the left inferior prefrontal cortex, a posterior region was involved in SR, a mid region was involved in both SR and EE, and an anterior region was involved in EE, but only when SR was also high. Thus, the neural correlates of EE and SR are dissociable but interact in specific brain regions.

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