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Publications [#252788] of Elizabeth J. Marsh

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Journal Articles

  1. Marsh, EJ; Dolan, PO; Balota, DA; Roediger, HL (2004). Part-set cuing effects in younger and older adults.. Psychology and Aging, 19(1), 134-144. [15065937], [doi]
    (last updated on 2021/01/25)

    In 3 experiments, the authors examined part-set cuing effects in younger and older adults. Participants heard lists of category exemplars and later recalled them. Recall was uncued or cued with a subset of studied items. In Experiment 1, participants were cued with some of the category names, and they remembered fewer never-cued categories than a free-recall condition. In Experiment 2, a similar effect was observed for category exemplar cues. There was also an age difference: By some measures, a small number of cues impaired older adults more than younger. Experiment 3 replicated this result and found that older adults were disproportionately slow in the presence of cues. Across experiments, older adults showed robust part-set cuing effects, and sometimes, they were disproportionately impaired by cues.

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