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Publications [#358151] of Geraldine Dawson

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Journal Articles

  1. Aaronson, B; Estes, A; Rogers, SJ; Dawson, G; Bernier, R (2022). The Early Start Denver Model Intervention and Mu Rhythm Attenuation in Autism Spectrum Disorders.. J Autism Dev Disord, 52(7), 3304-3313. [doi]
    (last updated on 2022/08/14)

    We examined the relationship between the Early start Denver model (ESDM) intervention and mu rhythm attenuation, an EEG paradigm reflecting neural processes associated with action perception and social information processing. Children were assigned to either receive comprehensive ESDM intervention for two years, or were encouraged to pursue resources in the community. Two years after intervention, EEG was collected during the execution and observation of grasping actions performed by familiar and unfamiliar agents. The ESDM group showed significantly greater attenuation when viewing a parent or caregiver executing a grasping action, compared with an unfamiliar individual executing the same action. Our findings suggest that the ESDM may have a unique impact on neural circuitry underlying social cognition and familiarity.

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