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Publications [#287908] of Jennifer M. Groh


Journal Articles

  1. Groh, JM; Trause, AS; Underhill, AM; Clark, KR; Inati, S (2001). Eye position influences auditory responses in primate inferior colliculus.. Neuron, 29(2), 509-518. (This article was featured on the cover of the journal). [doi]
    (last updated on 2022/06/25)

    We examined the frame of reference of auditory responses in the inferior colliculus in monkeys fixating visual stimuli at different locations. Eye position modulated the level of auditory responses in 33% of the neurons we encountered, but it did not appear to shift their spatial tuning. The effect of eye position on auditory responses was substantial-comparable in magnitude to that of sound location. The eye position signal appeared to interact with the auditory responses in at least a partly multiplicative fashion. We conclude that the representation of sound location in primate IC is distributed and that the frame of reference is intermediate between head- and eye-centered coordinates. The information contained in these neurons appears to be sufficient for later neural stages to calculate the positions of sounds with respect to the eyes.

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