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Publications [#39492] of Jorgianne I. Hicks

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Articles Submitted

  1. Robinson, J. C., Hoyle, R. H., Cooper, H., & Smith, R. H (2006). Self-evaluative consequences of social comparisons of physical attractiveness: A meta-analytic review.
    (last updated on 2006/08/29)

    This research examined the existing empirical literature on the self-evaluative consequences of social comparisons of attractiveness through a meta-analysis of 37 studies. The analysis indicated that, in general, social comparisons of attractiveness create contrastive consequences for self-evaluation, producing a moderate effect across self-evaluative outcomes. Even in conditions in which assimilation might be expected, social comparisons of attractiveness produced outcomes indicative of contrast. Effects were similar for both men and women, contrary to prevailing assumptions about the greater role of physical attractiveness perceptions for women. Moderator analyses indicate a need for additional studies that include additional indices of perceptions of similarity, no-comparison control conditions, and both male and female participants.

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