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Publications [#253882] of James Shah

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Journal Articles

  1. Shah, JY; Friedman, R; Kruglanski, AW (2002). Forgetting all else: on the antecedents and consequences of goal shielding.. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 83(6), 1261-1280. [doi]
    (last updated on 2022/05/23)

    Six studies explore the role of goal shielding in self-regulation by examining how the activation of focal goals to which the individual is committed inhibits the accessibility of alternative goals. Consistent evidence was found for such goal shielding, and a number of its moderators were identified: Individuals' level of commitment to the focal goal, their degree of anxiety and depression, their need for cognitive closure, and differences in their goal-related tenacity. Moreover, inhibition of alternative goals was found to be more pronounced when they serve the same overarching purpose as the focal goal, but lessened when the alternative goals facilitate focal goal attainment. Finally, goal shielding was shown to have beneficial consequences for goal pursuit and attainment.

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