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Publications [#274965] of John S. March

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Papers Published

  1. JS March (1991). Posttraumatic stress in the emergency setting. Emergency Care Quarterly, 7(1), 74-81.
    (last updated on 2016/01/27)

    In summary, extremely violent events, whether natural or human in origin, are unfortunately all too common. EMS workers encounter persons potentially traumatized by such events in the course of their normal duties. EMS personnel are thus in an excellent position to minimize psychologic morbidity following exposure to extreme stressors by implementing an early intervention strategy. Early intervention depends on an understaning of the trauma response, accurate differential diagnosis, careful risk assessment prior to triage, brief psychotherapeutic interventions in the EMS setting, and psychiatric consultation or follow-up when indicated. Skillful intercession by knowledgeable EMS personnel can substantially minimize posttraumatic psychiatric morbidity.

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