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Publications [#275076] of John S. March

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Papers Published

  1. L Amaya-Jackson, V Reynolds, MC Murray, G McCarthy, A Nelson, MS Cherney, R Lee, E Foa and JS March (2003). Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment for Pediatric Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Protocol and Application in School and Community Settings. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 10(3), 204-213. [doi]
    (last updated on 2016/01/27)

    This paper describes a multimodality trauma treatment protocol (MMTT) for children and adolescents with PTSD. Based upon empirically validated cognitive-behavioral methods of treating PTSD in adults and anxiety and aggression in children, MMTT was developed as a group intervention administered in schools to treat children and adolescents exposed to single-incident trauma resulting in PTSD. In this paper, the protocol development and outcome data are described, followed by a detailed overview of the protocol. Attention is given to clinical implications for both school and community mental health center application of the protocol.

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