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Francis J. Keefe, Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Francis J. Keefe
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Ph.D.Ohio University1975
M.S.Ohio State University1973
B.A. Bowdoin College1971

Clinical Psychology
Research Interests:

Pain coping processes in persons have acute pain (e.g. pain during mammography) and persistent pain (e.g. osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic low back pain and cancer patients.) The role of pain coping and emotion in explaining pain and disability. Novel psychosocial interventions (e.g. spouse-assisted coping skills training, emotional disclosure protocols, acceptance-based interventions, yoga- and meditation-based interventions) for patients having disease-related, persistent pain conditions. Neurobiological basis of coping mechanisms. Observational approaches to assessing pain behavior. Effects of behavioral interventions on pain perception (pain threshold and tolerance, judgments of controlled nociceptive stimuli). Coping strategies in patients having anxiety or affective disorders.

Clinical Interests:
Psychosocial treatment of persistent pain syndromes (low back pain, arthritic pain, temporomandibular joint pain). Treatment approaches include biofeedback, cognitive-behavioral group therapy, individual therapy, and spouse training. Psychological assessment of patients who are candidates for advanced neurosurgical treatments for pain (e.g. implanted neural stimulators, morphine pumps).  Use of early psychosocial intervention to prevent persistent pain. Behavioral approaches to treating anxiety disorders particularly agoraphobia, social phobias, and generalized anxiety.

Curriculum Vitae
Representative Publications   (More Publications)   (search)

  1. Keefe FJ, Dunsmore J, Burnett R: Behavioral and cognitive-behavioral approaches to chronic pain: Recent advances and future directions. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 60: 528-536, 1992..
  2. Keefe FJ, Caldwell DS, Williams DA, Gil KM, et al.: Pain coping skills training in the management of osteoarthritic knee pain: A comparative study. Behavior Therapy 21: 49-62, 1990..
  3. Keefe FJ, Manuel JC, Brantley AB, Crisson JE: Pain in the head and neck cancer patient: Changes over treatment. Head and Neck Surgery 8: 169-176, 1986..
  4. Rosentiel AK, Keefe FJ: The use of coping strategies in chronic low back pain patients: Relationship to patient characteristics and current adjustment Pain 17: 33-44, 1983..
  5. Keefe FJ, Block AR: Development of an observation method for assessing pain behavior in chronic low back pain patients. Behavior Therapy 13: 363-375, 1982..

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