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Publications [#298207] of Kenneth I. Spenner

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Papers Published

  1. Fink, EL; Rey, LD; Johnson, KW; Spenner, KI; Morton, DR; Flores, ET (1975). The effects of family occupational type, sex, and appeal style on helping behavior. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 11(1), 43-52. [doi]
    (last updated on 2022/04/20)

    A campus blood donation drive provided an opportunity to examine the variables of family occupational type as a milieu for the socialization of altruism, appeal style stressing equity or dependency, and sex-role attitude (traditional and nontraditional) in influencing helping behavior. No effects are found for family occupational type dichotomized as bureaucratic and entrepreneurial. Males but not females respond to an appeal based on equity more than to an appeal based on the dependency of others. Among subjects of both sexes with nontraditional sex-role orientation, response to both appeals is similar, while among those of traditional sex-role orientation, response to the appeal of equity is much greater than to the appeal of dependency. Implications of the current restructuring of sex roles for altruism are indicated. © 1975 Academic Press, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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