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Publications [#320172] of Kenneth I. Spenner

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Papers Published

  1. Freeland, RE; Spenner, KI; McCalmon, G (2015). I Gave at the Campus: Exploring Student Giving and Its Link to Young Alumni Donations After Graduation. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 44(4), 755-774. [doi]
    (last updated on 2022/04/20)

    This study examined the determinants of student contributions to their senior gift campaign while currently enrolled at a university and whether student giving predicted young alumni giving patterns after graduation. Determinants of student giving were largely consistent with those of alumni giving, although parental support was found to be an important difference. Financial aid in the form of parental support and scholarships, but not loans or grants, increased the likelihood of student giving. College experiences including group participation and positive subjective evaluation also increased the likelihood of giving. Student giving was then found to be a strong predictor of future donation patterns of young alumni. Students who did not contribute to the senior gift campaign despite repeated, in-person solicitations from peers were less likely to donate after graduation.

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