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Former Ph.D. Students of Linda K. George

  • Taylor, Miles (August 15, 2000 - August, 2005)
    Miles Taylor completed her Ph.D. in 2005. I co-chaired her dissertation committee with Ken Land. In her dissertation, Dr. Taylor used latent class analysis to examine trajectories of disability and their predictors. Dr. Taylor was a postdoctoral fellow at the Carolina Population Center at the University of North Carolina. She is now in the first year on the faculty of Department of Sociology at Florida State University.
  • Matthew, Dupre E. (August 15, 1999 - July 22, 2005)
    Matthew Dupre completed his Ph.D. in 2005. His dissertation focused on the age gradient in the relationship between SES and cardiovascular health, with special attention to the distinction between disease onset and survival after diagnosis. Dr. Dupre was a postdoctoral fellow at the Carolina Population Center at the University of North Carolina. He is now Visiting Assistant Professor in this department.
  • Hegewen, Kellie (August 15, 2000 - June, 2005)
    Kellie Hegewen completed her doctorate in 2005. Her dissertation focued on the effects of insurance coverage and access to health care on health outcomes among Hispanic adults. Analyses were based on multiple waves of the National Health Interview Survey and the Hispanic EPESE. I chaired her dissertation committee. Dr. Hegewen is now assistant professor of sociology at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.
  • Meadows, Sarah (August 15, 2000 - May, 2005)
    Sarah Meadows completed her doctorate in 2005. Her dissertation examined the predictors of depression and antisocial behavior among pre-teen and teen-age boys and girls, with special attention to gender similarities and differences. I chaired her dissertation committee. Dr. Meadows recently finished a postdoctoral fellowship at Princeton University. She is now a senior researcher at Rand in Santa Monica, CA.
  • Yang, Yang (Claire) (August 15, 2000 - May, 2005)
    I co-chaired Yang Yang's doctoral work, along with Ken Land. Yang Yang completed her Ph.D. in 2005. Her dissertation focused on innovative methods of estimating age-period-cohort effects in population data. Yang Yang was awarded the Dissertation Award of the Aging and the Life Course section of the American Sociological Association. Dr. Yang is now an assistant professor at the University of Chicago.
  • Mustillo, Sarah (2001)
    Dr. Mustillo is Research Associate in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Duke University. Her current research focuses on mental health of children.
  • Lynch, Scott M. (2001)
    Dr. Lynch focused his graduate studies on demographic studies and medical sociology. He also obtained a masters degree in Statistics. He is now Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.

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