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Publications [#313462] of Laura S. Richman

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Journal Articles

  1. Pascoe, EA; Richman, LS; Kort, D (2017). Validation of the Food-Linked Virtual Response task.. J Health Psychol, 22(1), 111-119. [repository], [doi]
    (last updated on 2020/02/22)

    This research validates a computerized dietary selection task (Food-Linked Virtual Response or FLVR) for use in studies of food consumption. In two studies, FLVR task responses were compared with measures of health consciousness, mood, body mass index, personality, cognitive restraint toward food, and actual food selections from a buffet table. The FLVR task was associated with variables which typically predict healthy decision-making and was unrelated to mood or body mass index. Furthermore, the FLVR task predicted participants' unhealthy selections from the buffet, but not overall amount of food. The FLVR task is an inexpensive, valid, and easily administered option for assessing momentary dietary decisions.

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