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Publications [#253055] of Stephen Mitroff

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Journal Articles

  1. Adamo, SH; Cain, MS; Mitroff, SR (2013). Self-induced attentional blink: a cause of errors in multiple-target search.. Psychological Science, 24(12), 2569-2574. [24142814], [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/02/15)

    Satisfaction of search (which we refer to as subsequent search misses)-a decrease in accuracy at detecting a second target after a first target has been found in a visual search-underlies real-world search errors (e.g., tumors may be missed in an X-ray if another tumor already has been found), but little is known about this phenomenon's cognitive underpinnings. In the present study, we examined subsequent search misses in terms of another, more extensively studied phenomenon: the attentional blink, a decrease in accuracy when a second target appears 200 to 500 ms after a first target is detected in a temporal stream. Participants searched for T-shaped targets among L-shaped distractors in a spatial visual search, and despite large methodological differences between self-paced spatial visual searches and attentional blink tasks, an attentional-blink-like effect accounted for subsequent-search-miss errors. This finding provides evidence that accuracy is negatively affected shortly after a first target is fixated in a self-paced, self-guided visual search.

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