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Publications [#253089] of Stephen Mitroff

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Journal Articles

  1. Wang, S-H; Mitroff, SR (2009). Preserved visual representations despite change blindness in infants.. Developmental Science, 12(5), 681-687. [19702760], [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/01/19)

    Combining theoretical hypotheses of infant cognition and adult perception, we present evidence that infants can maintain visual representations despite their failure to detect a change. Infants under 12 months typically fail to notice a change to an object's height in a covering event. The present experiments demonstrated that 11-month-old infants can nevertheless maintain a viable representation of both the pre- and post-change heights despite their 'change blindness'. These results suggest that infants, like adults, can simultaneously maintain multiple representations, even if they do not optimally use them.

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