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Publications [#253090] of Stephen Mitroff

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Journal Articles

  1. Mitroff, SR; Arita, JT; Fleck, MS (2009). Staying in bounds: Contextual constraints on object-file coherence.. Visual Cognition, 17(1-2), 195-211. [19498955], [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/02/23)

    Coherent visual perception necessitates the ability to track distinct objects as the same entities over time and motion. Calculations of such object persistence appear to be fairly automatic and constrained by specific rules. We explore the nature of object persistence here within the object-file framework; object files are mid-level visual representations that track entities over time and motion as the same persisting objects and store and update information about the objects. We present three new findings. First, objects files are constrained by the principle of "boundedness"; persisting entities should maintain a single closed contour. Second, object files are constrained by the principle of "containment"; all the parts and properties of a persisting object should reside within, and be connected to, the object itself. Third, object files are sensitive to the context in which an object appears; the very same physical entity that can instantiate object-file formation in one experimental context cannot in another. This contextual influence demonstrates for the first time that object files are sensitive to more than just the physical properties contained within any given visual display.

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