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Scott Huettel, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience and Bass Fellow

Scott Huettel
Contact Info:
Office Location:  B243e LSRC, Durham, NC 27708
Office Phone:  (919) 668-5286
Email Address:   send me a message
Web Page:


Ph.D.Duke University1999

Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience
Research Interests:

Research in my laboratory focuses on understanding the brain mechanisms underlying economic and social decision making. We use functional magnetic resonance imaging to probe changes in brain activation, behavioral and psychometric assays to characterize individual differences, and other physiological methods (e.g., eye tracking, pharmacological manipulation, genetics) to link brain and behavior. Because economic and social decisions are common in many game settings, many of our experiments use paradigms adapted from gambling or interactive games. Collectively, these studies fall under the emerging field of "neuroeconomics".

Areas of Interest:

Decision Making
Cognitive Psychology
Executive Control


Lab Website
Curriculum Vitae
Postdocs Mentored

  • Nicole Lighthall (2012-present)
  • Youngbin Kwak (2011-present)
  • Steve Stanton (2008 - 2013)
  • Ronald M. Carter (2007 - present)
  • O'Dhaniel Mullette-Gillman (2007 - 2011)
  • Richard Yaxley (2007 - 2011)
Representative Publications   (More Publications)   (search)

  1. Carter, RM; Bowling, DL; Reeck, C; Huettel, SA (2012). A distinct role of the temporal-parietal junction in predicting socially guided decisions.. Science (New York, N.Y.), 337(6090), 109-111. [doi]  [abs]
  2. S.A. Huettel, Allen W. Song, Gregory McCarthy (January, 2009). Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2nd Edition.. Sinauer Associates. [detail.php]
  3. Levallois, C; Clithero, JA; Wouters, P; Smidts, A; Huettel, SA (2012). Translating upwards: linking the neural and social sciences via neuroeconomics.. Nature Reviews. Neuroscience, 13(11), 789-797. [doi]  [abs]
  4. Smith, DV; Hayden, BY; Truong, T-K; Song, AW; Platt, ML; Huettel, SA (2010). Distinct value signals in anterior and posterior ventromedial prefrontal cortex.. Journal of Neuroscience, 30(7), 2490-2495. [20164333], [doi]  [abs]
  5. Henninger, DE; Madden, D; Huettel, SA (2010). Age-Related Cognitive Decline Predicts Changes in Risk Preference. Psychology and Aging, 25(2), 262-270.
  6. Venkatraman, V; Rosati, AG; Taren, AA; Huettel, SA (2009). Resolving response, decision, and strategic control: evidence for a functional topography in dorsomedial prefrontal cortex.. The Journal of Neuroscience : the Official Journal of the Society for Neuroscience, 29(42), 13158-13164. [repository], [doi]  [abs]
  7. Carter, RM; Macinnes, JJ; Huettel, SA; Adcock, RA (2009). Activation in the VTA and nucleus accumbens increases in anticipation of both gains and losses.. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, 3, 21. (doi: 10.3389/neuro.08.021.2009). [19753142], [doi]  [abs]
  8. Venkatraman, V; Payne, JW; Bettman, JR; Luce, MF; Huettel, SA (2009). Separate neural mechanisms underlie choices and strategic preferences in risky decision making.. Neuron, 62(4), 593-602. [19477159], [doi]  [abs]
  9. Clithero, JA; Carter, RM; Huettel, SA (2009). Local pattern classification differentiates processes of economic valuation.. Neuroimage, 45(4), 1329-1338. [doi]  [abs]
  10. Huettel, SA; Payne, JW (2009). Integrating neural and decision sciences: Convergence and constraints. Journal of Marketing Research, 46(1), 14-17. [doi]
  11. Clithero, JA; Tankersley, D; Huettel, SA (2008). Foundations of neuroeconomics: from philosophy to practice.. Plos Biology, 6(11), e298. [doi]
  12. Platt, ML; Huettel, SA (2008). Risky business: the neuroeconomics of decision making under uncertainty.. Nature Neuroscience, 11(4), 398-403. [18368046], [doi]  [abs]
  13. Tankersley, D; Stowe, CJ; Huettel, SA (2007). Altruism is associated with an increased neural response to agency.. Nature Neuroscience, 10(2), 150-151. [doi]  [abs]
  14. Huettel, SA; Stowe, CJ; Gordon, EM; Warner, BT; Platt, ML (2006). Neural signatures of economic preferences for risk and ambiguity.. Neuron, 49(5), 765-775. [16504951], [doi]  [abs]
Nikki Sullivan (Postdoctoral fellow)
Rosa Li(Graduate Student, Psychology & Neuroscience, w/Liz Brannon)
Jonathan Winkle (Graduate Student, Psychology & Neuroscience, w/Steve Mitroff)
Amanda Utevsky (Graduate Student, Psychology & Neuroscience, w/Michael Platt)
Ed McLarin (Research Assistant)
Bill Broderick (Research Assistant)

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