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Publications [#253640] of Susan Roth

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Journal Articles

  1. Dye, E; Roth, S (1991). Psychotherapy with Vietnam and rape and incest victims: An evaluation of the treatment literature and an examination of underlying assumptions about the coping process. Psychotherapy, 28(1), 103-120.
    (last updated on 2022/08/17)

    The research and clinical literature on the treatment of two groups of trauma victims, Vietnam veterans and rape and incest survivors, is reviewed. A variety of trauma-focused interventions have been described and evaluated for these two populations; however, researchers and clinicians have not yet adequately examined the assumptions about the coping process upon which different treatment strategies are based. As a second goal, this article examines the assumptions about the coping process which underlie the diverse treatment approaches which currently exist. Their relevance to the research literature is evaluated.

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